About the Symposium

For the seventh time, the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb is organizing the Faculty of Science PhD Student Symposium. The main goals of the Symposium are to gain experience in presenting scientific results, exchange knowledge and ideas, popularize science and develop young scientists in the STEM field.

PhD Student Symposium is attended by doctoral students from all over Croatia, but also from other countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Czech Republic. Every year the Symposium gathers more than 190 active and passive participants. The first symposium was held in 2016 on the occasion of two significant jubilees, 140 years of organized scientific and teaching work in science and mathematics at the University of Zagreb, and 70 years of the Faculty of Science.

The Symposium is a two-day event, where PhD students of the Faculty of Science and related studies present their scientific research to colleagues, mentors and teachers of doctoral studies, as well as scientists from related faculties and institutes, in the form of oral presentations and poster presentations. During the Symposium, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops addressing the challenges faced by every young scientist and to meet the Symposium sponsors and possible future employers.

As if all this were not enticing enough, the Symposium traditionally offers a rich entertainment program with plenty of drinks, food and live music. And, of course, the opportunity to meet with other symposium participants.

Scientific Committee of the Symposium:

Prof. Mladen Vuković, vice dean for teaching

Prof. Branimir Bertoša

Assoc. Prof. Petra Korać

Prof. Aleksandar Lukić

Prof. Eduard Marušić-Paloka

Assoc. Prof. Đurđica Pezelj

Asst. Prof. Kristina Pikelj

Prof. Vernesa Smolčić

Symposium Organizing Committee:

Dr. Anđela Bačinić, MChem

Dr. Ivan Biočić, MMath

Laura Huljek, MEngGeol

Zoran Kiralj, MBiol

Iva Kokotović, MBioChemEd

Dr. Mateo Kruljac, MPhys

Katarina Pavlek, MGeog

Marija Petrović, MEnvSci

Petra Petrović, MChem

Marija Purgar, MEnv

Zuzana Redžović, MBiol

Petra Stanić, MChem

Sara Šariri, MEnvSci

Sandra Vitko, MBiol