2023 – 7th Symposium

Invited lectures

  1. Dr. Ivana Brekalo: Better living and cleaner science through mechanochemistry
  2. Dr. Antica Čulina: Doing credible science – why would you care?
  3. Dr. Željka Fiket: Metals – a fresh take on a classic concept
  4. Prof. Hrvoje Šikić: Stochastic model of eye lens growth


  1. Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes: Postdoc grants within MSCA programme
  2. Dr. Mateo Kruljac: Writing as a scientist and the mistakes we make
  3. Dr. Ivan Biočić: (Mis)use of statistics: in science and beyond


We would like to, one more time, express sincere gratitude to Sponsors that supported us this year! Without You this event would not be great as it is.

Award winners

We gave 10 awards in total, plus 5 additional awards for Quiz winners. Below you can find all the details of given awards. 

The Best Oral Presentations

  1. Igor Pejnović (Geology): “Biometric changes in planktonic foraminifera Pseudohastigerina micra from the upper Eocene sediments of the island of Hvar”
  2.  Marko Mandarić (Physics): “Optimisation of the search for new high mass Higgs bosons in the four-lepton channel with the CMS experiment”
  3. Ozana Mišura (Chemistry): “Crystals of copper(II) coordination polymer with mechanically and thermally induced motions”

The Best Poster Presentations

  1. Valentina Šebalj (Oceanology): “Condition index of Mediterranean scallop Pecten jacobaeus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Krka River estuary”
  2. Martina Manenica (Chemistry): “Conformational dynamics of Bacillus halodurans MntR transcription factor – significance of hydrogen bond network”
  3. Mario Pajić (Chemistry): “Dicyclopalladated azobenzenes – preparation and catalysis under mechanochemical conditions”

The Most Attentive Listeners

  1. Klaudija Ivanković Koprivić
  2. Josipa Čonkaš
  3. Lidija Posavec
  4. Daniela Ivanković

STEM Quiz Winners

  1. Mia Gotovuša
  2. Tomislav Kralj
  3. Daniela Ivanković
  4. Paula Džigumović
  5. Kristian Morić-Španić

PhD Students to Others

This year we collected donations for Mali zmaj. Mali Zmaj (Little Dragon) helps families in need with packages of clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies and household items. During the Symposium participants were able to donate household supplies and items.