We proudly announce the sponsors and the donors of the 8th PhD Student Symposium:

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Golden Sponsors

JADRANSKI NAFTOVOD, dioničko društvo (JANAF Plc.), with its registered office in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, is managing an oil pipeline and storage system as a modern, efficacious and cost-efficient system of transportation and storage of crude oil and petroleum products. This oil pipeline system was designed and built in the period from 1974 to 1979 as an efficient oil transport system for both local and foreign users. 

By constructing and putting into operation the oil pipeline and storage system (1979) JANAF has become a strategically significant factor of supply security of the refineries in six countries of South Eastern and Central Europe, and today, is recognized as the EU strategic oil pipeline, through the project of common interest (PCI), entitled JANAF-Adria Pipelines. Besides crude oil transportation, JANAF’s core business includes storage of crude oil and petroleum products.

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KONČAR began writing its history 103 years ago and today KONČAR Group is the regional leader in power engineering solutions, power transmission and distribution, rail vehicles and infrastructure, as well as digital solutions and platforms. KONČAR has made a tremendous contribution to the domestic industry, while achieving references across 130 global markets. In its century of excellence, KONČAR has delivered hundreds of thousands of solutions, products and services. Power grids have been experiencing great changes, especially in terms of accommodating new renewable energy sources. In this segment, KONČAR delivers important components, and we should highlight our flagship products – transformers, which account for 90% of its exports. KONČAR continuously develops segments which provide the highest added value – wind, solar and hydro energy. The company has pivoted to further development of technologies and solutions that combine green and smart to enable its partners to keep up with the global initiative and direction in the power engineering field. Based on the record order intake at the end of 2023, KONČAR Group plans to realise over EUR 960 million in revenue in 2024 with 67% in export, primarily to the European Union countries. The value of backlog at the end of 2024 is expected to reach EUR 1.6 billion. The investment cycle continues in 2024, with a focus on investments in new manufacturing capacities, equipment and machinery, as well as comprehensive digital transformation.  Energy transition and green CAPEX also result in investments in improved energy efficiency and working conditions, primarily investments in photovoltaic power plants and use of renewable energy sources. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, KONČAR exports to the European Union, Asia, Africa, the USA and Australia, which makes this company the largest Croatian net exporter of the decade. The Group consists of 17 companies, employing over 5,200 people. To best respond to customer needs and challenges of contemporary global markets, KONČAR has built a team of highly educated experts, and we foster lifelong learning and upskilling. Research, development and innovation drive their business, providing expertise, competencies and technology required to carry out projects independently or with partners. Inspired by challenge, KONČAR develops cutting-edge solutions, contribute to local manufacturing and energy sustainability of the society.

Silver Sponsors

BIA is an established Slovenian supplier of laboratory and process equipment. For over 30 years, they have been a solid professional link between the world’s most renowned manufacturers of laboratory equipment and materials, and their users in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry laboratories, as well as in science and education.

The company is recognized and appreciated for professional consulting sales and technical support in the fields of biotechnology, chromatography, organic synthesis, sample preparation, laboratory equipment and laboratory software.

Belupo d.d. is a regional pharmaceutical company founded in 1971 and located in Koprivnica. Its main activity is the production and sale of a variety of pharmaceutical preparations, and it is the leader in the cardiovascular and dermatological program. Today, Belupo is unambiguously one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Croatia in terms of market share. In addition to Croatia, Belupo also operates in 18 European pharmaceutical markets, with a clear focus on conquering new markets to continue its growth. The employees are the strength of Belupo. Their enthusiasm, desire to prove themselves, dedication to work, loyalty and balance of experience and youth enabled Belupo to grow over all these years. About 1,500 employees live and work with Belupo. Together with his employees, but also friends and partners, Belupo is celebrating common achievements for 53 years, living the same values, sharing the same uncertainties, and most important, preserving health and life.

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) is a state-owned institution whose main activities include the implementation of scientific research in the energy sector and provision of professional support and advisory services to public authorities and stakeholders in Croatia and internationally. Founded in 1994, today the Institute comprises 6 research departments and employs 84 employees, predominantly researchers and engineers, which deliver more than 200 projects (research projects, studies, elaborations, analyses etc.) per year. The Institute is financed on a per-project basis with an annual budget of 5 million EUR from research grants and development contracts ensured following national and international competitive biddings and requests for proposals. Even though it was initially established as a Croatian energy think-tank, it has broadened its regional and international cooperation in more than 50 countries worldwide, with vast experience in Europe and Africa.

INETEC is a high-tech company that designs, develops and produces robotic systems, instruments, software, controllers and probes. For almost 35 years INETEC has been providing leading-edge technology and services in the nuclear industry, and we are also present in the space industry and the field of medical robotics. We work on the ITER project (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), which is an international nuclear fusion engineering project and the greatest scientific project in the world. At INETEC we work on various robotics and non-destructive testing projects within the space program. The foundation of all our new products is passion for new technologies. Our company´s most important resources are our members, their knowledge, values and motivation. Together we contribute to creating reliable future.

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Kefo d.o.o., an innovative enterprise established in 1949, has consistently been at the forefront of pioneering innovation. Our unwavering commitment to continuous growth is coupled with a mission to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions. We have continually expanded our product range, encompassing laboratory chemicals, consumables, and instruments, to meet the evolving needs of the scientific community.

Driven by a dedication to supplying our customers with the latest advancements, we have broadened our portfolio to include diverse fields such as genetics, biotechnology, molecular biology, in vitro diagnostics, healthcare solutions and food ingredients. Nowadays, our offerings extend beyond products; we provide validation and calibration services, ensuring the precision and accuracy of instruments. Additionally, our commitment to excellence is evident in our regular service and maintenance programs, ensuring seamless operational processes for our valued clients.

At Kefo, we invite you to experience the seamless fusion of quality and affordability. Entrust us as your reliable partner in pioneering solutions for the future, where innovation meets excellence.



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UNCONDITIONAL d.o.o. is Croatian company, founded in 1974 in Split. They bring the most adored pet vendors to thousands of vets, pet shops and pet lovers, in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Long-term focus on the permanent development of our people, growing mindset and curious attitude are true and everyday classics in their organization of people. UNCONDITIONAL is a connecting point between customer needs in our region and product benefits that global suppliers offer. They are proud to supply more than 1.000 vet clinics and pet shops in 3 different markets with most beloved brands like: ACANA, ORIJEN, REAL NATURE, SELECT GOLD, HAPPY DOG/CAT, MSD, TROVET, CEVA, ELANCO, TRIXIE, FERPLAST etc.


UNCONDITIONAL has its own retail brand: ZOOCITY. In 50 ZOOCITY stores in Croatia one can find everything one needs for his or her pet: premium products and only the best service provided by trained staff, professional vets and grooming experts. With development of their brick & mortar stores, they also work hard on online development so clients can shop directly on their ZOOCITY web siteTheir mission is to provide a wholesome, recognizable and top-quality offer of superior pet products and services all across Croatia!



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Bronze Sponsors

Croatian Association for Scholarly Communication – CROASC was founded in 2019 with the aim to gather scientific editors and all others involved in the process of scientific communication, like scientists, librarians, linguistic editors, translators and publishers. The aim of the Association is to promote scholarly communication, especially the activities of Croatian scientific and professional journals, and publications that promote science to the general public. The Association advocates scholarly communication based on the principles of free, open, publicly financed and accessible science by promoting the principles of open science. Among other things, the Association gives recommendations for editors of scientific and professional journals, organises seminars, workshops and other activities to develop and promote scholarly publication in Croatia.


Diagnostica Skalpeli was founded in 2001 as a limited liability company for the wholesale of medical products. The main activity of the company is the distribution of IVD medical products and products intended for research in the field of biomedical sciences of renowned manufacturers: Abbott, Roche, New England Biolabs, Cell Signaling Technology and others.

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, with its registered office in Zagreb (Croatia), is a global company with over 64,000 employees in 66 countries. We are driven by a passion for science and technology, and our mission is to find solutions to today’s toughest challenges and create more sustainable ways of living. With a history spanning over 350 years, we have a legacy of pushing boundaries and making discoveries that can transform entire industries. Our journey begins with collaboration. We work closely with customers in academia, biomanufacturing, and testing, providing them with state-of-the-art tools, services, and expertise to perform experiments and engineer new products. Researchers around the world trust our broad portfolio of offerings, encompassing everything from protein detection and sample prep to chemicals and reagents. We understand the need for speed and convenience, which is why our e-commerce platform delivers over 300,000 products to researchers within 24-48 hours. Together, we impact life and health with science. By accelerating discovery through technical and customer expertise, we enable the scientific community to address the industry’s toughest problems and make impactful advancements. Our innovations extend beyond the lab, positively affecting individuals worldwide. At Merck, we are proud to be at the forefront of scientific progress and dedicated to improving the quality of life and health for all.

OIKON Ltd – Institute of Applied Ecology is a leading licensed and accredited consulting company / research institute in the field of applied ecology in Croatia and the region with 26 years of experience. Oikon’s specialties are nature and environmental protection, natural resource management, landscape analysis and design, industrial ecology, ecological modelling, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, environmental law, policy and economics, project management, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS).

Such a broad range of activities requires a broad range of expertise. Oikon employs experts covering as many as 20 disciplines, including biologists and ecologists, and nearly a quarter of the staff are PhDs. They all regularly attend training and seminars, use modern, state-of-the-art, professional and specialized equipment, hardware and software, and apply innovative and often groundbreaking approaches to successfully conduct sophisticated research and provide highly professional services to clients.

Oikon also has extensive experience abroad and collaborates with leading consulting firms throughout Europe. The company has extended its expertise beyond Croatia with offices in Ljubljana and Dubai. OIKON SI Ltd. in Slovenia OIKON MEA Ltd. covering the Middle East and Africa, both focus on delivering sustainable development services and environmentally friendly solutions, particularly in the field of renewable energy.

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Selvita d.o.o. is an integrated service provider aiming to deliver a set of comprehensive solutions supporting customers and projects within area of drug discovery and drug development to biotech and pharma companies both in Croatia and worldwide. We have a long research tradition in the fields of biology, chemistry, biomedicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and related scientific fields with the purpose of discovering new chemical and biological entities intended for the treatment of various diseases. We are a service organization; our scientists are working on projects, in collaboration with external partners, aimed at discovering a new drug or establishing test systems and platforms that improve the predictability of the research process.

Visage Technologies is a globally recognized leader in advanced face tracking, analysis, and recognition technology that drives innovation across industries, including automotive safety, beauty, security, and many more.


A dedicated division of the company exclusively collaborates with a prominent automotive safety supplier, developing cutting-edge algorithms for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). These algorithms are integral components in top-tier vehicles such as the Mercedes S-Class, Cadillac Escalade, Polestar 2, and others, ensuring enhanced safety features and performance.

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We express gratitude to the Faculty of Science (UniZg) and Studentski zbor PMF-a for support.