Registrations for active participation are closed but you can still participate passively!


Please carefully read the instructions for writing your abstract.

In the Participation form, participants can choose the type of presentation they prefer (oral or poster presentation). Upon the receival of the confirmation that the registration has been accepted, participants will be notified of the type of presentation (oral or poster) they will be giving. Due to the time constraints of the Symposium, it is possible that not all accepted participants may be able to present in their chosen manner.
A standard oral presentation lasts up to 10 minutes (8 minutes plus 2 minutes for discussion). Students giving a poster presentation must prepare a poster measuring 100 cm x 80 cm (100 cm is the height and 80 cm is the width, i.e. the poster is oriented vertically).

NOTE for PhD students in Biology: Since the 7th PhDSS is held at the same time as the 4th Freshwater Biology Symposium (SOBS) (April 21), those students who wish to participate in both symposia will be assigned to the program in such a way that on Friday (April 21) they will have a presentation at SOBS, and on Saturday at PhDSS (April 22).