The applications are CLOSED! All participants will be contacted shortly. We are looking forward seeing you soon! 


General information


Registrations opening: December 18th, 2023
Abstract submission deadline: February 16th, 2024 March 1st, 2024
Passive participation registration deadline: April 15th, 2024
registration fee. 

Venue: Faculty of Science
Friday, 26th of April, at the Department of Physics (Bijenička cesta 32),
Saturday, 27th of April, at the Department of Chemistry (Horvatovac 102a).
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Note: We cannot cover additional expenses for participants, such as travel expenses, accommodation and similar. 
The venues are located in the proximity of the city centre (bus ride 5 mins + 3 min walking). They can also be accessed from other parts of the city with a bus, such as from Kvaternikov trg or Maksimir.


Before you apply


In the Participation form, participants can choose their preferred presentation (oral or poster presentation). Upon the receival of the confirmation that the registration has been accepted, participants will be notified of the type of presentation (oral or poster) they will be giving. Due to the time constraints of the Symposium, it is possible that not all accepted participants may be able to present in their chosen manner.

Please carefully read the instructions and use the template for writing your abstract. Download the template to your computer for editing.


Instructions for presentations


Oral Contribution

Standard Oral Contribution (Talk) lasts up to 10 minutes:

  • presentation – 8 minutes
  • questions and discussion – 2 minutes

Please prepare your presentations in pptx or PDF format. 

Poster Contribution

Students giving a Poster presentation must prepare a poster:

measuring 100 cm x 80 cm (height x width) in vertical orientation.

You should bring your poster on a day of Poster Session. The supplies for setting the poster up will be provided by us. 

LOGO: If you want to insert the logo of the PhDSS, here you can find it in maximal resolution (.tif, .svg).

Additional instructions for making a presentation or a poster are available in video and PDF format:

  1. Oral Contribution (Talk): Video + PDF
  2. Poster Contribution: Video + PDF

If you are not sure which type of participation is for you, check out this video on our Social Media: 

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If you have any questions feel free to Contact us!