2022 – 6th symposium

Invited lectures

There were four invited lectures this year. The Abstracts and CVs of lecturers can be found here
Once more, we want to express gratitude for their contribution to: Prof. Dr. Mladen Victor Wickerhauser, Prof. Dr. Mirko Orlić, Prof. Dr. Sanja Faivre and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dominik Cinčić. 


We offered four different workshops in this Symposium edition. The workshops were led by experienced researchers and PhD students and offered our participants deeper insight to science excellence, proposals, pitching and much more. The description of each workshop, as well as Bio from leaders can be found here.  


We want to say “Thank you” to all our sponsors that supported us on this journey!

Awards Winners

Beside the awards given by Scientific jury, in this Symposium edition the participants were voting for best Oral Contribution, Flash Presentation and Poster Contribution. 

The Best Oral Presentation (audience)

  1. Domagoj Gajski (Biology)
  2. Sanja Renka (Chemistry)
  3. Naveen Singh Dhami (Physics)

The Best Flash Presentation (audience)

  1. Leonarda Vugrin (Chemistry)

The Best Poster Presentation (The Scientific jury) 

  1. Dora Bjedov (Biology)
  2. Ivana Čarapar (Oceanology)
  3. Zoe Jelić Matošević (Chemistry)
  4. Mirela Uzelac (Biology)
  5. Natalia Šenolt (Geology)

The Most Attentive Listener

  1. Lea Čolakić (Chemistry) 
  2. Sarah Ivušić (Physics)
  3. Tea Ostojić (Chemistry)
  4. Petra Petrović (Chemistry)

Congratulations to all the winners!