"The best things in life are free, like volunteers."

Applications are CLOSED and we will contact you shortly. 


As same as in previous editions of PhD Student Symposium, we are looking for volunteers to help us with small tasks before and during the PhDSS 2024. By volunteering at this event you can get an insight into organization, meet and become friends with others from the STEM field and have fun.

The volunteers’ tasks are:

      • to greet attendees warmly and provide them with their registration materials and badges
      • prepare promo materials
      • prepare the rooms for the talks
      • help during coffee breaks
      • provide information about the Symposium program, helping attendees understand the schedule and location of different talks and events,  and more


"If you want to hear firsthand what it's like to do a PhD, there's no better place than PhD Student Symposium. A relaxed atmosphere with an already experienced team will show you how much you can help. This is one of the rare opportunities where even as a student you can be involved in the organisation of Symposium, which will definitely be a big plus in your CV."

Lea Čolakić
Volunteer @PhDSS2023

"The PhD Student Symposium was a great opportunity to take a sneak peek at the PhD life for a graduate student who is at a crossroads of their academic life. To be a volunteer means getting a chance to talk with so many amazing young scientists who are always equipped with insightful answers to your questions, gaining experience in organizing a unique event and forming many private and professional connections. Anything can be accomplished with a great team and the PhDSS team is amazing!"

Karla Knežević
Volunteer @PhDSS2023