Take Advantage of Our Exclusive Poster Printing Promotion with Knjigoprint

Promo with Knjigoprint for printing posters Dear Symposium Participants, We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive promotion in collaboration with Knjigoprint for your poster printing needs for the upcoming symposium. Here’s how you can benefit from this special offer: Promotional Price: For a limited time, enjoy a promotional price of just 14.50 euros for printing yourContinue reading “Take Advantage of Our Exclusive Poster Printing Promotion with Knjigoprint”

Department of Geology

The Department of Geology stands as a cornerstone of geological research and academic excellence. With a rich history of participation in various projects and programs, both domestically and internationally, the department has played a big role in advancing the field of geology. Continuously evolving to keep pace with global geological developments, the department incorporates newContinue reading “Department of Geology”

Department of Physics

At the forefront of scientific exploration and educational innovation stands the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. Renowned as a leading regional hub for pioneering research and university-level educational programs in physics, the department is committed to excellence in all endeavors.   Distinguished for its outstanding scientific and educational achievements, the DepartmentContinue reading “Department of Physics”


[INVITED LECTURE] MSc. Deni Nurkić Linkedin     MSc. Deni Nurkić Co-leader @Nuqleus, Innovation Center Nikola Tesla Nuqleus Nuqleus is the first Croatian deep-tech venture builder which takes place within the Innovation Center Nikola Tesla (ICENT). “Deep-tech” means that Nuqleus is focused on innovative technologies that most often result from research at scientific and educationalContinue reading “[INVITED LECTURE 4]”


[PANEL] “Synergy between Academia and Industry” This year, instead of one invited speaker, we are introducing the new concept into PhD Student Symposium: the Panel discussion. The theme for this panel discussion is Synergy between Academia and Industry. The four invited panelists are people who have experience in both of areas. During the panel we willContinue reading “[PANEL DISCUSSION]”

Department of Biology

Department of Biology has five Divisions: Division of Botany, Division of Zoology, Division of Animal Physiology, Division of Molecular Biology and Division of Microbiology.   The doctoral study of Biology comprises diverse lectures, scientific research and elective activities (workshops, courses, seminars, training in visiting laboratories). The study covers a wide range of biology, and the offered contentContinue reading “Department of Biology”


Andrija Štajduhar, PhD Assistant Professor School of Medicine, University of Zagreb Linkedin “From Statistics to Machine Learning in Biomedical Research” The talk “From Statistics to Machine Learning in Biomedical Research” will navigate the evolution of data analysis in the biomedical field, illustrating how traditional statistical methods have paved the way for advanced machine learning techniques.Continue reading “[WORKSHOP 1]”


[INVITED LECTURE] Ana-Sunčana Smith, PhD Linkedin Link     Prof. Dr. Ana-Sunčana Smith Group for Computational Lifesciences, Division of Physical Chemistry, Ruđer Bošković Institute PULS Group, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg “The role of theoretical approaches in pushing the boundaries of the current knowledge: the necessity of collaborations and interdisciplinarity” Theoretical physics andContinue reading “[INVITED LECTURE 2]”