[INVITED LECTURE] MSc. Deni Nurkić Linkedin     MSc. Deni Nurkić Co-leader @Nuqleus, Innovation Center Nikola Tesla Nuqleus Nuqleus is the first Croatian deep-tech venture builder which takes place within the Innovation Center Nikola Tesla (ICENT). “Deep-tech” means that Nuqleus is focused on innovative technologies that most often result from research at scientific and educationalContinue reading “[INVITED LECTURE 4]”


[INVITED LECTURE] Assoc. Prof. Damjan Pelc Link   Assoc. Prof. Damjan Pelc Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagrebe “The importance of side projects: science and luck” The progress of science is largely incremental: ideas and experiments follow each other and lead to novel insights in a fairly well-defined pattern. YetContinue reading “[INVITED LECTURE 3]”


Jelena Godrijan, PhD The Division for Marine and Environmental Research The Ruđer Bošković Institute Linkedin “How to successfully submit a project?” Jelena Godrijan, PhD will share her experiences of writing project proposals, from the initial idea, through unsuccessful proposals, to finaly obtaining and leading projects. This workshop will help you to connect key aspects ofContinue reading “[WORKSHOP 2]”


[PANEL] “Synergy between Academia and Industry” This year, instead of one invited speaker, we are introducing the new concept into PhD Student Symposium: the Panel discussion. The theme for this panel discussion is Synergy between Academia and Industry. The four invited panelists are people who have experience in both of areas. During the panel we willContinue reading “[PANEL DISCUSSION]”

Department of Biology

Department of Biology has five Divisions: Division of Botany, Division of Zoology, Division of Animal Physiology, Division of Molecular Biology and Division of Microbiology.   The doctoral study of Biology comprises diverse lectures, scientific research and elective activities (workshops, courses, seminars, training in visiting laboratories). The study covers a wide range of biology, and the offered contentContinue reading “Department of Biology”